Prerequisites to become a Youth leader (PDF)

Youth First Aid National Standards (PDF)

To order the Youth Leader training kit:


Process to Become a Youth Leader

  1. Candidates wishing to become Youth Leader should contact Atout Plus, an Instructor Development Center (IDC).
  2. Atout Plus will send you the Youth Leader course package (you ordered).
  3. Once you receive your package you will need to register online and complete the course using the PIN provided on the postcard (included in the package).
  4. After you successfully completed the online course, you will need to print your certificate of completion as confirmation and provide it to Atout Plus who will send the results to the Canadian Red Cross. Please note that you might have to do a co-teach at this stage depending on your situation.
  5. You will receive your Youth Leader card by mail within the following weeks.
  6. Subsequently, if you want to offer courses from our Youth Program, you will need to do so through one of our accredited training partners such as Atout Plus.