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The Canadian Red Cross is aware that canceling face-to-face courses in order to comply with the precautionary measures to stem the spread of COVID-19 will have an impact on people who are required to maintain their first aid certification . That’s why she’s been working with provincial and territorial regulators to provide a solution for rescuers whose certificates will expire in the coming months.

All Red Cross First Aid certificates expiring before June 30, 2020 will have their validity extended by an additional 90 days following their expiration date and may be presented at renewal courses once courses in person will resume.

Training support solutions

The Canadian Red Cross offers several online courses, an interesting learning solution at a time when social distancing is a must. Participants who wish to renew a first aid certificate or plan to take a mixed format first aid course are encouraged to complete the online components of the courses today.

To facilitate this option, the online components of general first aid, emergency first aid and CPR courses (which are usually part of mixed format programs) may exceptionally be offered as stand-alone courses.

Once the online component is successful, participants will receive a certificate of success valid for 90 days. By treating the online component as a full-fledged course, it will appear in the user's profile and its success can be validated by the employer.

Participants must then take the class course within 90 days of completing the online component to obtain a certificate valid for three years.

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Red Cross First Aid Training - blended learning

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